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Our Champions

We currently have four championships in BEW, plus the champion of our annual women's tournament. Click on the photos for wrestler bios.


BEW Heavyweight Championship


Kieran Kurupt

Reigning Champion

Won: 17 February 2019 - Rising Empire 4


From: South London


Signature move(s): Unprettier


BEW Women's Championship


Kat Von Kaige

Reigning Champion

Won: 16 June 2019 - International Grand Prix


From: The Land of Hope and Glory


Signature move(s): Cartkneel, Goodnight Sweetheart, Three knees to sweet revenge


International Grand Prix


Champion - Kat Von Kaige

2019 winner - beating Shawna Reed in the final


KC Spinelli

2018 winner - beating Kat Von Kaige, Shanna and Jayde in the final

Spinelli IGP.jpg
Santana Garrett BEW International Gran Prix London 2016

2016 winner - beating Mayu Iwatani and Nixon Newell in the final

Santana Garrett
Santana Garrett BEW International Gran Prix London 2016

2017 winner - beating Shotzi Blackheart and Desi Derata in the final

Kasey Owens

BEW 24/7 Tag Team Championship

Champions - The Heavyweight Heartbreakers

Won: 21 September 2019 - Glory of the Empire


Won: 23 September 2018 - Glory of the Empire

Lost: 21 September 2019 to The Heavyweight Heartbreakers

Glamorous Roddy & Jack Quinn
Santana Garrett BEW International Gran Prix London 2016

Won: 14 July 2018 - Wrestlefest

Lost: 23 September 2018 to Glamorous Roddy & Jack Quinn

The Hitset
Erin and Theodore 2.jpg

Won: 16 June 2018 - Mitcham Carnival

Lost: 14 July 2018 to The Hitset

Erin Smith & Theodore Powers

BEW Shooting Star Championship

Champion - Rhio

Won: 11 August 2019 - Summertime Smash